Working with the University of Loyola Andalucía

Last week, we had another opportunity to work closely with the University of Loyola Andalucía, in this case a team of researchers from the Business Faculty. For weeks, we have been having a rich dialogue focused on the possible support of @LoyolaAnd in the study and support for the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network from the perspective of organizational development.

Thanks to Loyola Andalucía and especially Emilio and Ana for your time and interest in building a joint mission!


Meeting at Loyola Andalucía

Last week Dani Villanueva, SJ – coordinator of Jesuit Networking project – was in Seville in a promising meeting on Jesuit Networking with the Loyola University of Andalucia. We had the chance to talk with the executive board of the university regarding potential synergies of this recently launched educational institution and our even younger Networking project.


We have detected many open possibilities of collaboration regarding communication channels, publications, international common connections, and research. During the following weeks we will be working on the research scope of one of their teams, probably working on a consultancy for one of the latest jesuit network initiatives. We will develop this idea in a later post.

For now, just wanted to thank to Loyola Andalucía for their willingness to collaborate in our project. In our conversation was very clear that when vision is shared, the rest is a question of time.