What’s going on behind the scenes?

We have been working to better define the concrete projects that Jesuit Networking is currently involved in promoting. As there is a lot of behind the scenes work happening with each of these groups, we invite you to take a look at this new flyer (in English & Spanish) and let us know what you think. Which projects most interest you? Which do you think will be most useful for the mission of the Society of Jesus in general? Thanks in advance for your feedback!



Research Coordination Team Meeting in NYC

At the end of June we had the opportunity to have an in-person meeting with the members of the Jesuit Networking research coordination team at the America Magazine headquarters in New York City. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other a bit more and work together to establish the research criteria and topics that will help to guide Jesuit Networking research in the coming months. We will soon be updating our website to launch a call for papers that will clarify these criteria and encourage researchers to become involved. Thanks to Tina Facca at John Carroll University and Kevin Ahern from Manhattan College for their time and support in the building of this project.


Photo: Dani Villanueva SJ, Erika Meyer, Kevin Ahern and Tina Facca




Launching the Jesuit Networking Research Team

One of the main lines of action of the Jesuit Networking project has to do with establishing a research team to study, systematize and accompany current experiences of Jesuit international networking to better understand what’s already being done and to promote best practices. Several areas for research were identified at the Boston Conference, and throughout the past couple of months we have received several interesting proposals for research topics from academics around the world who are willing to put their teams at the service of the Jesuit Mission.

In order to help analyze and accompany these proposals, a few weeks ago, we launched our core research team made of up individuals from John Carroll University’s Boler School of Business in Cleveland, the University of Comillas in Madrid, and Manhattan College in New York. This dynamic and diverse team from different academic backgrounds will help to identify key criteria for research areas and contribute to the evaluating of proposals.

We are looking forward to having an in-person meeting together in New York at the end of June. If you are interested in participating in the research area of the Jesuit Networking project, you can contact us at coordination@jesuitnetworking.org

A New Addition to the Jesuit Networking Team

Since mid-March, we have had an important addition to the Jesuit Networking team – Erika Meyer – a graduate of Boston College and a staff member at the foundation, Entreculturas.

Erika will be helping with the overall project coordination, and the idea is that she can support the work of different team leaders, especially in guiding workflows and internal communication. She will now be the main support person for any doubt regarding coordination, planning details and resources for each of the teams.

We are happy to have Erika with us at Jesuit Networking, not only for her support, but also because she has always been a great friend and promoter of this project. Welcome Erika!

To contact her with issues related to this project, please write tocoordination@jesuitnetworking.org.

Banners and Memes

The visual design team has been collaborating with the web contents since the beginning of this new stage of the project. Today we would like to introduce you to Arsenio Coto, one of our first volunteers of the project, who is the designer behind the banners and memes we’ve been using since January 2014.

Meme banner

Based on the color gradient offered by the Jesuit Networking logo, Arsenio is designing a banner and a meme per month, to be used on the webpage and promoted through the social network channels. He has also created the concept of photo mixed with “neon light” shapes we’re are already using.

If you want to join Arsenio and other volunteers in this type of work, do not hesitate on joining our Visual Design Facebook Group. We have many other graphic ideas and we really need your talent and creativity.

De-virtualizing Digital Volunteers

One of the best things of this project is its incredibly wide scope. We’ve people involved from all around the world, and the connections are just starting to happen. A few days ago I had the chance to devirtualize one of our digital volunteers, Pascual Aparicio. We had a bit more than an hour to talk around a coffee, but the conversation was like fire. I’m still amazed by the way jesuit alumni understood each other in such a very quick way, and how jesuits and alumni could work together with an incredibly strong common ground to build on.

Pascual is an entrepreneur and expert in digital startups. Our conversation mainly focused on the features of our future digital platform for jesuit related networks. We both are against  building up parallel social networks, but there is some appealing on the little world networks where identity and belonging were an important part of the glue. Whatever will be the platform, it looks like we are dreaming with a Jesuit Hub where you can reference to your already existing profiles while you could network around areas of interest, influence, geographic situation, or areas of action. Something we didn’t finally close is the question about the viability of a network like ours mainly based in volunteer work.

Thanks Pascual for the great conversation and insights. I’m sure we will keep developing these ideas further. If you are interested in this type of conversation, please join the Collaboration Platform Workgroup where you can find Pascual, myself, and many other “ignatian networking freaks.” 😉

Managing Notifications

As you know this is an open project based on collaboration and open participation. For the time being we’ve made the option to work through Facebook groups. That is the reason why we need to be sure that all the members of the group receive notifications every time someone write, demands, communicate or change something. We want to be very respectful with the use of messages, and we will only use that channel for very critical and important notifications. What we recommend is that you activate notifications in your group. Here you have the way to do it.

Once you are in the Facebook Group you will see a tab, closer to the upper right conner that says “Notifications.” You can select if you want to receive notifications whenever change in the group, only when your friends publish something, or just no receive any type of notification.

Captura de pantalla 2014 01 11 a la s 21 27 03

Given the purpose of these groups, we recommend you to choose “All publications”  so you will be updated every time something change in your group without the need of checking the group all the time. Otherwise many of you will miss the interactions. Thanks for everything!!