Using Trello to Coordinate Visual Production Processes

During the last few weeks, we have started using a tool called TRELLO to coordinate the production processes of some of our working groups. Specifically, today we want to describe the production processes for the memes that we publish on social networks which are becoming more and more efficient and distributed.

While our volunteers who form part of the content group select the phrases and ideas to visually communicate, a visual design team decides on the photos, which must be royalty free or under a creative commons license, to use with each of these ideas. Once the proposal has been developed and approved by the visual coordinating team, the designers finish the layout and then we have our meme ready to publish. Every week, we publish one of the memes, usually on Wednesdays, always trying to make a link with the themes of the content on the Jesuit Networking project blog.

Do you want to be part of this process? Send a message to and request the link to the TRELLO board where these actions are being carried out. The more collaborators we have working with us, the more content we will be able to generate. With a little more time to strengthen this process, we will be able to improve the quality of our work and its impact.



Tools for free, high quality, creative commons images on the web.

Our fellow collaborator José Arsenio Coto Pérez has provided us with some useful tools for searching free, high quality, creative commons images on the web. We encourage you to use this kind of visual material. But always do include the autorship of the work (A mere “Image courtesy of X” or “The rights belong to X” or “Thank you to X” or some similar formula will do) 

Google (New!)
Compfight (Searches within Flickr)
Stock.XCHNG (a bit lame)

Besides, every Monday there’s a free top quality image by iStock, ShutterStock y ThinkStock on their respective website

And every 10 days you can get 10 free pics from Unsplash. According to Arsenio, they have ‘distinctive hipspter feeling’

And here’s my tip. You will find literally hundred of thousands free images on the websites of national public libraries and archives. They are mostly vintage but they can still be very powerful if used properly. They have also a wide collection of engravings and drawings 

One of the most complete databases ever. Includes some recent material. The drawback is that downloading can be a bit complicated, but you only need to copy-paste the url link.

These two offer a similar service. Good quality and a friendly interface:

Gallica, the French National Library:
Biblioteca Nacional de España, Spain’s National Library:

Europeana gathers material from all the national archives in the European Union. To cope with the enormity of the records, they have specific websites and offer ‘temporary exhibitions’ of material

You are free to collaborate with us. Thank you.
Post written by Dani Ramos, the head of the visual team (

Banners and Memes

The visual design team has been collaborating with the web contents since the beginning of this new stage of the project. Today we would like to introduce you to Arsenio Coto, one of our first volunteers of the project, who is the designer behind the banners and memes we’ve been using since January 2014.

Meme banner

Based on the color gradient offered by the Jesuit Networking logo, Arsenio is designing a banner and a meme per month, to be used on the webpage and promoted through the social network channels. He has also created the concept of photo mixed with “neon light” shapes we’re are already using.

If you want to join Arsenio and other volunteers in this type of work, do not hesitate on joining our Visual Design Facebook Group. We have many other graphic ideas and we really need your talent and creativity.