Dialogue with the Department of Business Internationalization at Comillas University

This week on Wednesday, September 15th, Jesuit Networking had our first meeting with the Department for Business Internationalization at Comillas University in Madrid to discuss synergies and potential joint projects.

We had the opportunity to talk about research themes such as global leadership, transnational organizational culture, knowledge transfer, cultural intelligence; potential ideas that we hope in the future will be incorporated as research studies falling under the Jesuit Networking project.

We are very grateful to Marta Muñiz Ferrer and Jesús Labrador for their enthusiasm and their interest in collaborating within the framework of a shared mission.

Would you like to know more about this Department?


Research Coordination Team Meeting in NYC

At the end of June we had the opportunity to have an in-person meeting with the members of the Jesuit Networking research coordination team at the America Magazine headquarters in New York City. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other a bit more and work together to establish the research criteria and topics that will help to guide Jesuit Networking research in the coming months. We will soon be updating our website to launch a call for papers that will clarify these criteria and encourage researchers to become involved. Thanks to Tina Facca at John Carroll University and Kevin Ahern from Manhattan College for their time and support in the building of this project.


Photo: Dani Villanueva SJ, Erika Meyer, Kevin Ahern and Tina Facca




Launching the Jesuit Networking Research Team

One of the main lines of action of the Jesuit Networking project has to do with establishing a research team to study, systematize and accompany current experiences of Jesuit international networking to better understand what’s already being done and to promote best practices. Several areas for research were identified at the Boston Conference, and throughout the past couple of months we have received several interesting proposals for research topics from academics around the world who are willing to put their teams at the service of the Jesuit Mission.

In order to help analyze and accompany these proposals, a few weeks ago, we launched our core research team made of up individuals from John Carroll University’s Boler School of Business in Cleveland, the University of Comillas in Madrid, and Manhattan College in New York. This dynamic and diverse team from different academic backgrounds will help to identify key criteria for research areas and contribute to the evaluating of proposals.

We are looking forward to having an in-person meeting together in New York at the end of June. If you are interested in participating in the research area of the Jesuit Networking project, you can contact us at coordination@jesuitnetworking.org

Working with the University of Loyola Andalucía

Last week, we had another opportunity to work closely with the University of Loyola Andalucía, in this case a team of researchers from the Business Faculty. For weeks, we have been having a rich dialogue focused on the possible support of @LoyolaAnd in the study and support for the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network from the perspective of organizational development.

Thanks to Loyola Andalucía and especially Emilio and Ana for your time and interest in building a joint mission!

JN invited to GIAN workshop

We’ve been talking about the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network in many of our previous posts. The Jesuit Networking Project has been invited to be part of the next meeting of leaders of the five current networks that will take place in Rome this May. We will lead a workshop on communication and networks trying to contribute to the common reflection of how technology and communication could play a key role in the development of global networks within the Society of Jesus. This is a great opportunity for us to work with the people who are truly networking at a global scale. You will hear more about this further on.

Working with JCU at Cleveland

One of the first group of people who reacted to the Jesuit Networking Initiative was a group from the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University, in Cleveland. This jesuit university has an exciting group of people interested in marketing and quantitative analysis. Tina Facca, one of our bloggers, is the professor leading all this effort that has been of great support to our work since the very beginning. Last week we have the chance of visiting John Carroll and work for a couple of days without the need of “digital mediation.”

Tina and her team are really engaged with the preparation of the next WUJA meeting and the promotion of all kind of Jesuit Networking initiatives. She is a key player in the Jesuit Networking Research Group and she is open to put her resources in order to service our common mission, specially helping with market analysis, feasibility studies, and quantitative analysis for non-profits within the jesuit world. We are really grateful to Tina and John Carroll University for their generosity.


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PHOTO: Tina Facca and Dani Villanueva, SJ.

New Course on Networks

If you’re interested in deepening a bit on network theory, today a new Cornell course starts at EDX.

Networks, Crowds and Markets.
Explore the critical questions posed by how the social, economic, and technological realms of the modern world interconnect.

If you want to help us with your insights, join the Jesuit Networking Research Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/jesuitnetworking.research/


Example of Mapping

Here you have an interesting article about an example of network mapping and weaving that’s being done at the Alberta Council of Environmental Education on http://abcee.org/weaving-the-network/

I think something like this need to be done in our Jesuit environment, Tina Facca (John Carroll University) started a first stage of data gathering and Tom Crea (Boston College) is thinking on a possible framework model…

Any ideas regarding how to map the jesuit network? join our research group

Meeting at Loyola Andalucía

Last week Dani Villanueva, SJ – coordinator of Jesuit Networking project – was in Seville in a promising meeting on Jesuit Networking with the Loyola University of Andalucia. We had the chance to talk with the executive board of the university regarding potential synergies of this recently launched educational institution and our even younger Networking project.


We have detected many open possibilities of collaboration regarding communication channels, publications, international common connections, and research. During the following weeks we will be working on the research scope of one of their teams, probably working on a consultancy for one of the latest jesuit network initiatives. We will develop this idea in a later post.

For now, just wanted to thank to Loyola Andalucía for their willingness to collaborate in our project. In our conversation was very clear that when vision is shared, the rest is a question of time.

Building up the Research Team

This is the first time we’re assembling a team like this one. The Research team is one of the main priorities of the project in order to start thinking with depth and systematically. Jesuit Networking, as part of the jesuit way of proceeding, should be carried out “rigorously and with profound analysis, drawing both on academic research and on reflection about our experiences.” [See post Ignatian Spirituality and Networking].

We need to assure that the project relies in a serious approach to Networking from the different academic disciplines, based on research and analysis of real data in a systematized way. The current documentation about Jesuit Networking, most of it from the 1st Conference on International Networking, is mainly written by practitioners trying to make sense of the experience and history of the Society of Jesus in the last 40 years. We still lack of a rigorous approach from an historical, theological, sociological or even organizational perspective.  This project is willing to start building the ground for quantitative and qualitative analysis, data driven network analysis and strategies, and deeper analysis based on academic research.

For this we are launching a Research Team inviting people and institutions interested in studying, writing, or researching on Jesuit Networks. There are many jesuit scholastics looking for topics for their thesis and many scholars already thinking and writing on these topics. Please, join our group and let’s coordinate our efforts.

The first objectives of this research team are:

  1. Clarify leadership and way of proceeding of the workgroup.
  2. Start and maintain a list of undergoing research projects related with jesuit networking.
  3. Create a list of areas of interest and expertise of group members in order to see possible synergies.
  4. Gather information and establish first contact with jesuit universities or research centers with potential interest in this field.
  5. Set an strategy to call other network weavers to join the group.

As you can see in the research page In this moment we have researchers from Boston College (USA) and John Carroll University (USA) but people is just starting to come in. For any suggestion and contact please write to research@jesuitnetworking.org. If you are looking for ideas for a research, in the final document of the 1st Conference of Jesuit Networking there is a chapter with Open Questions for Further Analysis.  If you want to join the research team, subscribe yourself in our Facebook Group.