Dialogue with the Department of Business Internationalization at Comillas University

This week on Wednesday, September 15th, Jesuit Networking had our first meeting with the Department for Business Internationalization at Comillas University in Madrid to discuss synergies and potential joint projects.

We had the opportunity to talk about research themes such as global leadership, transnational organizational culture, knowledge transfer, cultural intelligence; potential ideas that we hope in the future will be incorporated as research studies falling under the Jesuit Networking project.

We are very grateful to Marta Muñiz Ferrer and Jesús Labrador for their enthusiasm and their interest in collaborating within the framework of a shared mission.

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Communication and Networking Workshop with GIAN

Last week at the Jesuit Curia in Rome, Jesuit Networking participated as a facilitator of a workshop on communication and networking with the leaders of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN).

GIAN is made up of 5 thematic networks on 1. Ecology, 2. Right to Education, 3. Migrants and Refugees, 4. Human Rights – Peacebuilding, and 5. Governance and Management of Natural Resources. These groups have a global reach and have been working together for 5 years in the creation of common spaces and synergies.

The workshop addressed the importance of communication in the strategy of creating networks, especially those that seek to have a global reach and that work with remote communities. An interesting discussion emerged on the role of leaders in the dynamics of network weaving and the different roles needed to build a balanced network. Probably, the most appreciated sessions were the ones that were focused on offering tools and procedures for the management of remote networks.

At Jesuit Networking, we are grateful to be part of this initiative, and being able to help out in strengthening these networks is an essential part of who we are. The dialogues and mutual learning these last couple of days will no doubt lead to greater synergies and bilateral projects in the coming months.

Working with the University of Loyola Andalucía

Last week, we had another opportunity to work closely with the University of Loyola Andalucía, in this case a team of researchers from the Business Faculty. For weeks, we have been having a rich dialogue focused on the possible support of @LoyolaAnd in the study and support for the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network from the perspective of organizational development.

Thanks to Loyola Andalucía and especially Emilio and Ana for your time and interest in building a joint mission!

Jesuit Networking and Education

This past weekend, we had an intensive work day with those who are leading the growing Jesuit secondary education network, which has emerged from the International Colloquium on Jesuit Secondary Education. Since the beginning of this initiative around July 2012, we have been in contact, mutually learning from one another, an experience which will soon bear fruit. For now, the network is in the early stages of implementation, beginning to form its team. Soon, we will provide more updates.


secondary education network





CLC joins Jesuit Networking

Little by little Jesuit institutions and networks are approaching Jesuit Networking as a hub where collaboration may happen among different players of the Jesuit mission body. Some of the institutions are just connected with our network or contribute to our contents… But some are part of our core-group participating in the strategy and contributing with resources to the network.

Logo clc 75

Last week, after a few meetings and some exciting conversations, the world committee of Christian Life Communities is joining the core-group. This  network of communities is present in all five continents, in more than sixty countries. The Christian Life Community is an international association of Christians. Members make up small groups, which are part of larger communities organised regionally and nationally, all forming ONE World Community. The charism and spirituality of CLC are Ignatian and they have a strong sense of common mission with the Society of Jesus. You can learn more about CLC communities in their website http://www.cvx-clc.net/