A Sense of Purpose

Jesuit Networking’s online community of volunteers is essential to the project. They are passionate about engaging others to contribute to the global mission. They help us out with everything from communication to research to the design of the concepts behind the network weavers group, the innovation campaign, and the collaborative platform. But setting up and managing an online community can be a complex task.

Some of the most important pieces of advice about running online communities suggest that it is necessary to have a clear sense of purpose of the community and that “it is difficult to get a cohesive, stable and productive network without sense of belonging.”

During the first few months of the Jesuit Networking project, we made a huge effort to try to clarify the messages and the value proposal, but despite our efforts, a week doesn’t go by when someone asks us “but what exactly is this project about?”

We understand that it is difficult explain a network of networks, or a community of practice on networking, but we also believe that there must be a way to clarify our goals so that they are easier to understand. Is anyone interested in helping us out and letting us know how you think we can easily define the Jesuit Networking project?


Social Apostolate On-line Catalogue

After 2008 many provinces followed the momentum towards networking promoted by the General Congregation 35, most of those efforts are exactly in the same page that our Jesuit Networking Project. This post wants to highlight one of them that focuses on the social sector, and opens up an on-line catalogue of all the jesuit works on the social apostolate of the world. You can check it at http://www.jesuitsocialapostolate.org/

Under the leadership of the Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus, together with the Social Justice Secretariat from the Rome curia, they worked in a comprehensive website in order to build awareness and facilitate contact between the social justice efforts now underway by the Society of Jesus and the wider Ignatian family. We think this is a good example and source of info for our Jesuit Network Weavers workgroup.

Jesuit Education Abroad

Thinking with the Jesuit Network Weavers Group we are in the process of identifying Jesuit Networks that could be amazing amplifiers of this project. An interesting one is the Jesuit Education Abroad, consortium of the Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities (AJCU) sharing Study Abroad programs from all around the world. The idea of this network is to highlight the Jesuit education-brand of global experiences for interested college students, and offer the possibility to access the network of Jesuit institutions involved.

You can check it at http://www.jesuiteducationabroad.org/. They have a traditional mid-year meeting for consortium member institutions, and this year will take place from Feb. 24-26 in Lima, Peru, co-hosted by Universidad del Pacifico and Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya. The conference theme is  “Globalization of Superficiality: a Jesuit Response.” Let us know if you are member of this network or you are attending that meeting.