Jesweb meeting not only for geeks

Thirty European Jesuit webmasters met together in Portugal with guests from the Asia Pacific Conference, Australia, USA and Africa. We participated on behalf of Jesuit Networking, sharing our work through our communication channels and its impact on networking for the Mission.

It was not a geek-only party as we talked about “interdisciplinary” issues as well. We shared about branding in our provinces. (It’s not only about logos and colors. It’s about style and quality also.) We heard about communication challenges for different spiritual proposals based on a Portuguese experience. (From the Portuguese version of the renewed Pray as you go, called Passo a Rezar, to theApostleship of Prayer.) We rejoiced over cooperation in our provinces and in international fields. (Did you know that jesuitnetworking is a style not an institution only?) And we had non-Jesuit guest who gave us some indication of how our work is seen from the “outside”.

This was the first Jesweb meeting where we could participate in different workshops. We learnt how to use YouTube for Ignatian spirituality (, how to create innovative digital content formats ( or how to promote vocations through an institutional website. And so on.

During the rest of the time, anybody could present about novelties. So we heard about http://thejesuitpost.orghttp://spex.loyolapress.com, and many other interesting initiatives.

For more details please feel free to ask your webmaster!