A Sense of Purpose

Jesuit Networking’s online community of volunteers is essential to the project. They are passionate about engaging others to contribute to the global mission. They help us out with everything from communication to research to the design of the concepts behind the network weavers group, the innovation campaign, and the collaborative platform. But setting up and managing an online community can be a complex task.

Some of the most important pieces of advice about running online communities suggest that it is necessary to have a clear sense of purpose of the community and that “it is difficult to get a cohesive, stable and productive network without sense of belonging.”

During the first few months of the Jesuit Networking project, we made a huge effort to try to clarify the messages and the value proposal, but despite our efforts, a week doesn’t go by when someone asks us “but what exactly is this project about?”

We understand that it is difficult explain a network of networks, or a community of practice on networking, but we also believe that there must be a way to clarify our goals so that they are easier to understand. Is anyone interested in helping us out and letting us know how you think we can easily define the Jesuit Networking project?


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