Using Trello to Coordinate Visual Production Processes

During the last few weeks, we have started using a tool called TRELLO to coordinate the production processes of some of our working groups. Specifically, today we want to describe the production processes for the memes that we publish on social networks which are becoming more and more efficient and distributed.

While our volunteers who form part of the content group select the phrases and ideas to visually communicate, a visual design team decides on the photos, which must be royalty free or under a creative commons license, to use with each of these ideas. Once the proposal has been developed and approved by the visual coordinating team, the designers finish the layout and then we have our meme ready to publish. Every week, we publish one of the memes, usually on Wednesdays, always trying to make a link with the themes of the content on the Jesuit Networking project blog.

Do you want to be part of this process? Send a message to and request the link to the TRELLO board where these actions are being carried out. The more collaborators we have working with us, the more content we will be able to generate. With a little more time to strengthen this process, we will be able to improve the quality of our work and its impact.



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