Volunteer Growth

As you know, this project started on April 2012 when we organized the 1st Jesuit International Networking Conference at Boston College. But the web didn’t came alive till we publish the final document after the congress, that was December 2012. One year later, Dec 2013, we launched the new web with a whole proposal for volunteer work. And last month, 3rd January, we started the real work with many of you that joined the different Facebook volunteer workgroups.

On that beginning we were 73 people on those groups, and today, a month later, we are already 114 volunteer from all around the world. Here you have the stats.

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Obviously not everybody is engaged in the same way, and some of the guys (like myself) are in more than one group, so the numbers are not exact… but what is a fact is that we’re growing in a very promising pace. Translation was the workgroup with more acceptance, given the clarity of it’s purpose… but this month we’ve witnessed an amazing growth on the Research Team and the Network Weaving one. We’re really thrilled by this, as far as we proposed communication and research as the two priorities for this first stage of the project.

We already have leaders for content (three leaders: blog, Facebook, twitter), Network Weaving, Visual Design and Annual Award. Little by little things are getting into place. Thanks to all of you who are promoting and engaging with us in the workgroups and the social networks.

Let’s keep in touch and rowling together on this promising project. If you haven’t joined yet, check out your group at http://jesuitnetworking.org/volunteering/


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