De-virtualizing Digital Volunteers

One of the best things of this project is its incredibly wide scope. We’ve people involved from all around the world, and the connections are just starting to happen. A few days ago I had the chance to devirtualize one of our digital volunteers, Pascual Aparicio. We had a bit more than an hour to talk around a coffee, but the conversation was like fire. I’m still amazed by the way jesuit alumni understood each other in such a very quick way, and how jesuits and alumni could work together with an incredibly strong common ground to build on.

Pascual is an entrepreneur and expert in digital startups. Our conversation mainly focused on the features of our future digital platform for jesuit related networks. We both are against  building up parallel social networks, but there is some appealing on the little world networks where identity and belonging were an important part of the glue. Whatever will be the platform, it looks like we are dreaming with a Jesuit Hub where you can reference to your already existing profiles while you could network around areas of interest, influence, geographic situation, or areas of action. Something we didn’t finally close is the question about the viability of a network like ours mainly based in volunteer work.

Thanks Pascual for the great conversation and insights. I’m sure we will keep developing these ideas further. If you are interested in this type of conversation, please join the Collaboration Platform Workgroup where you can find Pascual, myself, and many other “ignatian networking freaks.” 😉


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