Building up the Research Team

This is the first time we’re assembling a team like this one. The Research team is one of the main priorities of the project in order to start thinking with depth and systematically. Jesuit Networking, as part of the jesuit way of proceeding, should be carried out “rigorously and with profound analysis, drawing both on academic research and on reflection about our experiences.” [See post Ignatian Spirituality and Networking].

We need to assure that the project relies in a serious approach to Networking from the different academic disciplines, based on research and analysis of real data in a systematized way. The current documentation about Jesuit Networking, most of it from the 1st Conference on International Networking, is mainly written by practitioners trying to make sense of the experience and history of the Society of Jesus in the last 40 years. We still lack of a rigorous approach from an historical, theological, sociological or even organizational perspective.  This project is willing to start building the ground for quantitative and qualitative analysis, data driven network analysis and strategies, and deeper analysis based on academic research.

For this we are launching a Research Team inviting people and institutions interested in studying, writing, or researching on Jesuit Networks. There are many jesuit scholastics looking for topics for their thesis and many scholars already thinking and writing on these topics. Please, join our group and let’s coordinate our efforts.

The first objectives of this research team are:

  1. Clarify leadership and way of proceeding of the workgroup.
  2. Start and maintain a list of undergoing research projects related with jesuit networking.
  3. Create a list of areas of interest and expertise of group members in order to see possible synergies.
  4. Gather information and establish first contact with jesuit universities or research centers with potential interest in this field.
  5. Set an strategy to call other network weavers to join the group.

As you can see in the research page In this moment we have researchers from Boston College (USA) and John Carroll University (USA) but people is just starting to come in. For any suggestion and contact please write to If you are looking for ideas for a research, in the final document of the 1st Conference of Jesuit Networking there is a chapter with Open Questions for Further Analysis.  If you want to join the research team, subscribe yourself in our Facebook Group.


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