Managing Notifications

As you know this is an open project based on collaboration and open participation. For the time being we’ve made the option to work through Facebook groups. That is the reason why we need to be sure that all the members of the group receive notifications every time someone write, demands, communicate or change something. We want to be very respectful with the use of messages, and we will only use that channel for very critical and important notifications. What we recommend is that you activate notifications in your group. Here you have the way to do it.

Once you are in the Facebook Group you will see a tab, closer to the upper right conner that says “Notifications.” You can select if you want to receive notifications whenever change in the group, only when your friends publish something, or just no receive any type of notification.

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Given the purpose of these groups, we recommend you to choose “All publications”  so you will be updated every time something change in your group without the need of checking the group all the time. Otherwise many of you will miss the interactions. Thanks for everything!!


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