Twitter Account

We opened the twitter account (@jesuitnetwork) on december 2012 in order to broadcast the publication of the first document on International Jesuit Networking. Since that time, we’ve been using the account to tweet about different Jesuit Networks, concepts about Jesuit Networking, and general approach to networking and organizations. During the first year, our approach has been very low profile, using general tweets in an automatic way. In this moment we’re using a mix of tweets that has been automatized using Hootsuite.

On these days, Elek László SJ will start taking the lead of the @jesuitnetwork account in order to add more interaction and engagement to our Social Media strategy. You can write him with any proposals or ideas to

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In the previous table you can see our first approach to the twitter content, trying to cover: content promotion + general info of the project + network literacy.

As we do with everything on this project, we’re more than open to receive your suggestions and ideas. If you want to be part of the content team please, be free to join us at


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