Network Weavers Workgroup

The Network Weavers Workgroup is intended to set the scope and reach of our message and interactions. While other groups will be generating the content and promoting it through our communication channels, this is a group of well connected people able of amplifying the messages and content to their own networks and able of designing an strategy to widen the reach of the Jesuit Networking Project.
What are we looking for? Ignatian individuals and institutions linked with the Jesuit mission that could be interested in joining international initiatives for the universal mission. People or institutions that could join an initiative, support our efforts, amplify our message, suggest new ventures, engage on discussions, share their own expertise and knowledge… 
The first stage of this group, while people is still joining, would be to reach the following objectives:
  1. Clarify leadership and way of proceeding of the workgroup.
  2. Define a list with the main jesuit networks to be involved on the project, and identify a contact in each one of them (World union of Jesuit Alumni, JRS ,Loyola Club, CLC, GIAN, FLACSI, AJCU, Fe y Alegría, etc.).
  3. Gather a list of social media accounts related with the jesuit mission internationally (institutions, foundations, networks, communities of interest, movements…)
  4. Work on list of main jesuits and ignatian people that we could consider influencers on social media.
  5. Identify groups and networks already actively working that could be allies to spread our message within their members. 
  6. Establish a methodology to keep all the above lists in DDBB updated and accessible.
  7. Set an strategy to call other network weavers to join the group.
The e-mail of this group, for all kind of contacts or suggestions is: 

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