Understanding The Working Groups

We are starting our internal work as 7 different working groups, each one of them with clear different objectives.

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  1. Content Workgroup. Generate, edit, and publish Jesuit Networking content on the different channels [blog, twitter, facebook]. blog@jesuitnetworking.org, twitter@jesuitnetworking.org, facebook@jesuitnetworking.org
  2. Translation Workgroup. Translate content from and to english and spanish. translation@jesuitnetworking.org
  3. Visual Workgroup. Create graphics, banners, info graphics, memes… for web and social networks. visual@jesuitnetworking.org
  4. Network Weavers Workgroup. Amplify the message and build up the network of contacts setting the scope and reach of the project. weavers@jesuitnetworking.org
  5. Research Workgroup. Academic approach to networking, systematization and analysis of current and future initiatives. research@jesuitnetworking.org
  6. Collaboration Workgroup. Development of a collaboration platform for international networking as communities of interest around common topics. collaboration@jesuitnetworking.org
  7. Annual Award Workgroup. Promotion of bottom-up innovation through a global contest of collaborative projects for the mission. award@jesuitnetworking.org

This is just an attempt of systematize the work of different volunteer groups segmenting by profiles and skills. You can find links to the different working groups of the project at http://jesuitnetworking.org/volunteering/ and join the one you think you can contribute the most.

Don’t hesitate in joining, introducing yourself to the group and see how to contribute to the workflow.



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