Reviewing the basics

Some of you have been demanding this. As we have made an option for open collaboration and most of the specifics are still to be shaped, maybe is good to reassure the basics of this project for clarification purposes.

  • What do we want? To promote Jesuit collaboration through regional and global networking. 
  • What are we going to do? Contribute to generate the right environment and tools for internacional collaboration within the Jesuit apostolic body.
  • How are we going to do it? (1) Fostering network thinking and network literacy and (2) Offering a unique platform as reference for international collaboration. 
  • For this we work on (a) communication, (b) research, and (c) the development of a digital platform focused on international collaboration.

Some clarifications: This project is not trying to create a new network, but generate the conditions of possibility for networks to bloom within the Jesuit apostolic body. So JesuitNetworking is not intending to be a network by itself, but an environment to foster networking. Our communication is meant for all individuals and institutions related to the Jesuit mission, but our volunteer work is just thought for “collaboration geeks” or “network thinkers” or “network weavers” in order to have a community of interest around networking that will shape the specifics of the project.

So, first of all we are setting the scope, communication channels and promote network thinking and literacy. And only then, we will start developing a collaboration platform, as a super-network where one can join international jesuit networks or suggest/propose new venues for international collaboration. 

Here you can take a look to the Jesuit Networking Project Mission & Vision and the brief description of the objectives.

Let us know if there is need of further clarification before getting into the specifics of each workgroup.


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